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Shin Chan Tagalog Dubbed 26

Episode 93 aired for the first time on April 18, 1994 in Japan. The episode has never been released on home video or streaming media, nor recently re-aired, or dubbed in other languages. The official episode list on the TV Asahi website also skips episode 93. The episode may have been pulled from circulation for content reasons, as well as being unable to be dubbed internationally or re-aired in its complete form due to its third segment acting as a preview for the then-upcoming second Crayon Shin-chan film. The episode did not resurface until September 29, 2019, when the first segment was made public online, after English-speaking fan Chimpoozle traded with a Japanese fan who recorded tapes of nearly every early episode and digitized episode 93 in June. The full episode is in the possession of English fansubbers and will be released once the fansubs reach the episode.

shin chan tagalog dubbed 26

The Arabic dub of Crayon Shin-chan remains completely lost. It is unknown what the dubbed title is, or what channel it aired on. The only proof of its existence is the graphic above. It is highly unlikely that such a dub would exist or that the series would even be broadcast in these countries at all due to its content being inappropriate to many standards, especially laws in the Arab world for those practicing Islam.

A Danish dub of Crayon Shin-chan titled Shin Chan was aired on DR1, based on the English adaptation by Vitello Productions, starting on January 28, 2004. Based on schedules on the DR website, the dub aired until some point in 2008. DR1 only aired single segments of the series in 10-minute time slots. Many episode titles have been sourced from the schedule, and while many can be matched to English titles, a handful of others are unclear. The dub was recorded at Adaptor D&D. More information can be found on Danske Film Stemmer. It is assumed based on the known episode titles that only the first 52 episodes were dubbed into Danish from the English version by Vitello Productions, and the dub did not continue to the second season's additional 52 episodes originally dubbed into English by Phuuz Entertainment.

No full episodes of the dub are available online, and the only surviving materials are the opening, the ending, and the first two minutes of episode 38c, "Where's My Sister, Mister?" The clip was uploaded to YouTube by user meinto on November 23, 2012. The opening and ending were uploaded to YouTube by user TheSonicolas in early December 2021 but went private on May 25, 2022, along with many others on the channel and eventually all Danish-dubbed uploads by the user, although this user says he has received full episodes from an unnamed contact and that he wouldn't upload them without permission from that source. However, he has since fallen out of contact with said source and cannot upload the episodes himself for fear of being fined or otherwise penalized by Danish copyright agencies if issues arise. All of the available materials are backed up on the Internet Archive. The clip of episode 38c has been cropped to remove padding.

The first German dub of Crayon Shin-chan was aired on RTL II in Germany, produced by Interopa Film. The dub began on April 5, 2002. 52 episodes premiered until June 24. The dub was also very appealing to the older audience. However, after complaints from a small group of activists, the series was suspended for a month until July 29 while it received a new dub, toning down inappropriate dialogue with new jokes and insults. Some episode titles were also modified. After this point, only the second dub was aired or released on DVD and streaming. The remainder of the series only received one dub, which was more true to the original Japanese version than the first dub. The broadcast order of the first 78 episodes also differed compared to later releases, but neither order matched the English release. An additional 26 episodes were also dubbed in German based on the Japanese version that were not dubbed in English.

This consequently led to the series going off the air. The show was banned for further airing as-is in October 2008, by the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, who questioned the show's content on account of heavy nudity and profanity, all while it was the most-watched and most successful program on the channel. The series was required to be re-edited and re-dubbed to remove the disrespect towards elders in order to air again on the network. However, parents who had blocked Hungama TV from their children were worried that the show may still be back on the air if the channel agreed to delete the objectionable portions, so they were not convinced to unblock it by the ban.

An officially licensed Khmer dub of Crayon Shin-chan titled សុឹន ចំង premiered on TV3 Asia at launch in July 2014. It was recorded at Planet Wave Studios (also known as FX Animation earlier in the year), which later became Fil-K Entertainment in August 2015. According to their Facebook page for Doraemon in Cambodia, 52 episodes were planned to be dubbed when production began in March.[14] No full episodes have resurfaced from the dub, and only a short ten-second promo without dub samples has been available online since October 20, 2014 on TV3 Asia's official TV3 Asia Trailer YouTube channel. The promo states that the show aired every Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 PM, with rebroadcasts on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 AM. It is possible that Planet Wave Studios was not happy with TV3 Asia's promo video, since they left a comment stating "Nightmare Quality." However, this is likely also because the master for the opening Dame Dame no Uta has poorly blended frames.

The first season was recorded in São Paulo at Parisi Vídeo in 2002, and the second season was recorded at Álamo in 2006, due to the closure of Parisi Vídeo in 2005 (and because it dubbed most Animax content). Unlike the Latin American Spanish dub, the cast was not changed. Each season had 52 episodes licensed by TeleVix Entertainment, based on the Vitello Productions and Phuuz Entertainment English dubs of each respective season. TeleVix entertainment held the license to the dub from when it was first broadcast until February 2014.

The Russian dub of Crayon Shin-chan remains completely lost. It is unknown what the dubbed title is, or what channel it aired on. The only proof of its existence is the graphic above. It is highly unlikely that such a dub would exist or that the series would even be broadcast in the country at all due to its content being inappropriate to many standards, especially laws in Russia put in place by the government that frown upon potentially "pornographic" content.

A Tagalog dub of Crayon Shin-chan was aired on IBC-13, RPN-9, and ABC-5 in the Philippines. The dub began on IBC-13 on March 4, 2002, debuting alongside the series Cyborg Kuro-chan. Shin-chan was voiced by Filipino rapper Andrew E., best known for his suggestive lyrics. He also dubbed the show's theme song. What was broadcast of the theme song (with a title card at the end) is only available from a low-quality cell phone audio recording.

The series was rated PG in the Philippines due to mature content. Almost all of the character names were changed into Filipino names, including Misae becoming Carmen, Masao becoming Boyet, and Mrs. Yoshinaga becoming Pilar Miyumi (or Mayumi or Ryumi).

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ShinobuMinami Takayama as KeikoMitsuaki Madono as Steroid MasuoMitsuki Saiga as WatogayaMiwa Kouzuki as HazukiMizue Ohtsuka as Shinobu KandadoriMugihito as Oohara ShijuurouNaoki Bandou as 20 year old D (ep 173)Junichi IshizakaNaoki Tatsuta as MonkikkiNaoko Matsui as Leader of Showa-machi Black Lizard (ep 205)Naoko Takano as Lisa GraceNaomi Kusumi as PerryShiro BuriburiYukikoNaomi Nagasawa as Hitoshi (3rd Voice)Narumi Tsunoda as Rude older sisterUrima KuriyoNobuyuki Hiyama as Yaneura KoujiNoriko Uemura as Hisea KoyamaRei Sakuma as Himeko (ep 108)Reiko Kondou as GrandmotherReiko Suzuki as KitamotoRie Tanaka as Shouko YasemaRin Mizuhara as chief (ep 173)coach (ep 76b)Rintarou Nishi as Subordinate ARoko Takizawa as FukuenchouRokurō Naya as EnchouProfessor GouRyuuzo Hasuike as SalarymanSakiko Tamagawa as Kazama-kun's motherSakura Nogawa as Magical Girl Moe PSakura Tange as Hitomi (ep 122)nurseSakurako Kishiro as NakamuraSanae Kobayashi as Lisa AspirinSaori Sugimoto as Atsumi Kutsuzoko (eps 400-1093)Saori Suzuki as Kutsuzoko Atsumi (ep 400)Satomi Koorogi as MegumiSatsuki Yukino as 20 year old C (ep 173)Sayuri Sadaoka as Clerk A (ep 531)Shiina Nagano as Honda Satoshi (1st Voice)Shinji Nakae as Action Kamen NarationShinpachi Tsuji as Onigawara ChikuzouShinya Ohtaki as Kantam RoboNene-chan's PapaShiro Saito as Mozuru GamagoriShoko Saito as Nene-Chan's Mother (1st until 1994/04/25)Shū Uchida as Kindergartener C (ep 1034)Miracle cat (ep 967)Shūichi Ikeda as ToobeeSuzuko Mimori as Small-clawed Otter Doya (ep 991)Takaya Hashi as Usuto YoshiiTakehito Koyasu as HondaTakeru Satoh as Ryotaro Nogami / Kamen Rider Den-O (Plat Form)Takeshi Aono as Mekemeke ZSupreme Leader Gilkiros (2nd Voice)Takeshi Watabe as Supreme Leader Gilkiros (1st Voice)Takkou Ishimori as Nigariya KyousukeTakuma Suzuki as Honda Satoshi (2nd Voice)Tamao Hayashi as Junko NekuradaTesshō Genda as Action KamenTetsuya Iwanaga as 20 year old A (ep 173)Tomie Kataoka as TakeshiTomiko Suzuki as DickTomoe Hanba as TakuyaTomokazu Seki as Yasushi SatouTomoko Kawakami as Minami


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