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Ashtech Solutions 26

As businesses look for highly accessible technology solutions to enable their executives access applications and data anytime anywhere, cloud computing and cloud-enabled solutions are looked at as the most viable options. However, cloud migration of the existing IT application poses a business challenge. Cloud Migration solutions and services on the anvil enable businesses to turn around their applications to cloud within a couple of weeks and jump-start their business as usual activity over the cloud.

Ashtech Solutions 26

Mobile-first solutions powered by Cloud applications are driving the business scenarios today. The easy development activity on local machines sans dependence on costly and yearly licenses, pay as you go flexibility, anytime anywhere access, high computing power, easy scalability, synergizing the work and home locations through telecommuting, and role-based access of mammoth business systems are just some of the benefits offered by the Cloud environment.

On-premise IT architecture can be migrated to the Cloud within a few weeks with the help of process accelerators. System Integrators and Cloud Service Providers are adept at enabling businesses in transitioning to Cloud. Globally operating multi-mineral solutions provider, such as Ashapura, has efficiently transitioned their on-premise SAP suite with HANA database to Cloud within a short period of time.

In 2000, Red Hat created the subsidiary Red Hat India to deliver Red Hat software, support, and services to Indian customers.[100] Colin Tenwick, former vice president and general manager of Red Hat EMEA, said Red Hat India was opened "in response to the rapid adoption of Red Hat Linux in the subcontinent. Demand for open-source solutions from the Indian markets is rising and Red Hat wants to play a major role in this region."[100] Red Hat India has worked with local companies to enable adoption of open-source technology in both government[101] and education.[102] 350c69d7ab


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