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[S6E16] The Chase !!HOT!!

Taub and Foreman are in a haze lying on the floor. Taub manages to get on his feet, then Foreman does. Foreman complains he can't feel his face. Foreman tells Taub to hit him (like he always wanted to) and when he doesn't, he hits Taub instead. Taub laughs and hits him back. Taub finds Foreman's credentials file in Foreman's bag and realizes Foreman was down there to get his own file. He snatches the file and runs away. Foreman chases after him.

[S6E16] The Chase

Taub finds out that Foreman was on academic probation at Johns Hopkins Medical School for faking a lab result. Taub realizes that Foreman was trying to destroy it before it was digitized. Foreman admits that he was trying to beat everyone because he didn't feel he deserved to be at Hopkins or any good school. Taub finally figures out that Foreman is trying to destroy the records because he doesn't feel he should be working at Princeton-Plainsboro either. However, Foreman turns the tables - he finds Taub's file. He runs and Taub chases him.

The ponies immediately turn on Thorax, believing that he has taken "Crystal Hoof"'s place. Surrounded by so many angry ponies, Spike is unable to bring himself to stand up for his new friend. Thorax runs away in tears, and the royal guards give chase.

Thorax is a male changeling who is not like the others who are evil, he seem to be more nicer, because when he meet Spike he apologies to him after he scared him and help when he was going to fall, he explain that he was also in Canterlot during the wedding of Candance and Shining Armor, but he refused to attack because he always wanted to learn friendship since he was a little changeling. He know that not everyone want to be his friend, because they are efraid of him and everyone think every changeling are evil, except him and they doesn't know, so he transform himself as a male Crystal Pony named Crystalhoof, and he make friend with everypony, but then he approached Flurry Heart he accidtally reveal himself to the pony, Spike didn't take his defense at first because everypony refuse to let him explain, heartbroken he go hide in his cave, Spike tried to apologies but he refuse at first, then Spike tell him that he was his only friend and go save him, when they return to The Crystal Empire everypony tried to chase him off again, but Spike convince them that he's not evil, finally after earing the song of Spike they finally welcome him in The Crystal Empire. In the season six finale, he becomes the new leader of the changelings following the defeat of Queen Chrysalis.

It's too fast. Dwight and company would have to travel to Negan, part way at least on foot. Then multiple groups of goons would have to be sent out. One group would be sent to a library (the one Morgan finds Carol at, in fact) to kill all its occupants and use one of them in the ambush of the Alexandrians first. Then very, very quickly go from this act of destruction and the ensuing chase to precisely the road that Rick and company will be travelling down. 041b061a72


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