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Installer Ebot Cs Go

(I tried to set alias to /ebot istead of just /, but it looks like the web-path is hard-coded somewhere, giving a load error for images and files in the browsers console.)I changed to a public subdomain after, with this config:

Installer Ebot Cs Go

  • Télécharger le paquet ebot-csgo.deb et l'installer comme un paquet Debian wget

  • dpkg -i ebot-csgo.deb

  • apt-get -f install

L'installation et la configuration se fera automatiquement. Vous aurez 2 fichiers à modifier pour pouvoir démarrer le bot.Pour démarrer le bot, il vous suffira de faire /etc/init.d/ebot-csgo start

The file downloaded above is a compressed TAR archive that containers the installer for SteamCMD. To be able to access its contents and run the installation script, you will need to unarchive the file using the command tar. 350c69d7ab


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